Training Style/Philosophy

I have a motto of sorts in business:

If you complain about something 3 times; either do something to change it, or quit complaining.

In frequent meetings with my colleague and friend strength coach Andrew Heming this quickly became apparent when discussing the state of athletic strength and conditioning in the Fraser Valley. In his numerous years as head strength and conditioning coach of the Spartans at TWU, he was finding athletes coming in to the program not having the basic movement patterns necessary for a long injury free career allowing them to excel at their sport. He subsequently went to work correcting said patterns taking away valuable training time from athletes that should be focussing on getting stronger.

I was seeing the same trend in the private training/coaching realm where I was also having to take a very remedial movement approach to a growing number of athletes before we could progress their strength gains. By our third time getting together and 'complaining', we forced ourselves to ask each other what could be done. Coastal Athletics was formed.

Having newly opened Coastal Fitness in early 2013 we already had a premier training facility to work out of and now with our combined experience in athletics and strength and conditioning we have set out to change the landscape of athletic strength training in the Fraser Valley for good!

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There is no doubt that the key to reaching the next level is investing time in strength training. There is lots of great coaching out there with opportunities to compete but what is separating those players that playing at the top level is the strength training. When done correctly it is preventing injuries, allowing players to train more often and harder, and providing an edge with explosive movements. They are jumping higher, hitting harder and moving faster. Looking for and edge? There is no doubt that is the way to go.

Ryan Hofer