Our Core Values define us as a business


We believe that a company’s core values should define who they are and uphold a standard that must always be met.  We have worked hard to develop these to not only write them on paper but allow them to define Coastal Fitness as a whole.  These values have allowed this business to thrive in a less than ideal financial market and are something that we feel should be a public symbol of who we are and what we stand for. We realize that some of the values may seem to overlap, but have been left separate as we feel it necessary to recognise them on their own. 

  1. Show we Care
  2. Always learning and improving
  3. Incessant listening
  4. Keep the goal the goal and enjoy the process
  5. Bring the energy and inspire
  6. Honesty and Integrity
  7. Being Prepared
  8. Have Fun – Laugh!

Showing We Care

How do you show someone you care?  This can mean many things to many people, in our case it relates to going and doing the extra.  This could be as simple as an encouraging phone call, or it could be us consulting with a collaborative health care facilitator to ensure the best service is delivered.  Every effort will be made to get this message across.  “People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.” John Maxwell

Always Learning & Improving

Continuing education is integral to the Coastal Fitness team.  The fitness industry is ever evolving and it is our mandate to further our knowledge in the field.  We do this through books, dvd’s, attending seminars and conferences, certifications, joining mastermind groups, and hiring consultants.  This thirst for knowledge allows us to collaborate with the best in the business, push ourselves beyond our comfort zones and brings the best methodologies to our clients to ensure they are getting the fastest results possible.

Incessant Listening

Listening is a quality that seems to be undervalued today.  We place strong emphasis on this trait as we feel truly being heard is one of the very first steps to being able to change.  This is also one of the main ways we show we care, listening to clients.  It may seem basic but if we truly want to help our clients, and we do, they need to be heard.

Keeping the Goal, the Goal.

This dovetails with the previous core value (listening).  Clients need not worry that we have a pre conceived idea about what we want to do with them before we embark. Once we hear what the client is looking for with regards to their goals, we stay on track.  We have been around long enough to see clients get railroaded into a way of doing things or certain methodologies after a short period of time.  It is our belief that they came to us for a reason and it is our job to assist in making that goal a reality all while enjoying and celebrating each successful step.

Bringing the Energy and Inspiration

Simple; you can expect us to be upbeat (not crazy) and encouraging in each and every session.  This doesn’t mean we won’t give the odd kick in the pants though!

Honesty and Integrity

In all aspects of our business we will be open, truthful and upright.  We run our business how we want to be treated and upfront and straightforward are all we know.  Enough said.

Be Prepared

Fitness, business and preparation are all synonymous to us.  GI Joe once said ‘knowledge is half the battle’, while knowledge is important we refer to a modified Coastal Fitness version, “preparation is half the battle.”  Everything we do has a purpose, preparation leads to measurable results.  This is a value that we stress on our clients regularly, know what you are going to do beforehand; spontaneity in a fitness/nutrition regime leads nowhere positive.

Having Fun - Laugh!

We love having fun.  Who doesn’t?  We encourage the lighter side, not silly or unprofessional, just fun.  Enjoy and appreciate the life we have been given.

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I’ve been working with Ryan & Cole for the past 3 years and they have helped me make huge strides in my development in the gym and on the field I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help and guidance Coastal Athletics has given me.

Jake Polancic