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Skipping the Gym is NOT the Answer!

`           As a young athlete, you always want to perform your best and give your best effort. You listen to your coaches, study game film, work hard in practice, go to the gym, and show up come game time on the weekend. As you go through your weekly routine, you start to realize that school is getting busy, practices are getting harder, and your girlfriend/boyfriend is demanding more time from you. Soon you have less time than you need (welcome to real-life) and you need to start cutting certain things out of your weekly routine. School is mandatory, so you cant skip that. Your girlfriend/boyfriend is the love of your life and spending any less time with them will cause them to question your commitment levels, so that has to stay. Youre not going to skip practice of course or you wont play, and playing games is the whole reason for your existence. So… skipping the gym it is!

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The Secret to Coaching Athletes

Whether you are a sports coach, a strength coach, or a parent who is volunteering to help out their son or daughters team, we all struggle with establishing the culture of our team and getting the players to perform under our guidance. In the team setting, there is always a unique mixture of personalities and temperaments. For example, there is always at least one kid who has the God-given talent, but doesn’t know how to work hard. There is the kid who is super shy in the room, but their play speaks volumes. Lastly, there is the kid who makes up for his or her lack of talent by working harder than anyone else. Having such a diverse group can mean that as a coach, you need to be able to cater to all of them.

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Training in the summer with Coastal was the toughest training I have done, but also produced the best results I have ever seen. They have great knowledge and know how hard to push you to reach your goals. I highly recommend Coastal Athletics to any athlete, or anyone looking to become more fit. Thanks Coastal!

Rosie Schlagenweit