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Should you focus on being Shredded or being In-Shape? What's the difference anyway?

 This is a topic that has been bugging me for a while, and it is finally time I address it. I want to explain the difference between being “in-shape” vs being “shredded”. This line of thought for me started a year or so ago when I recently finished my recent “bulking” phase. For those who are unaware, bulking basically means that you train for muscle growth (hypertrophy), and skip the cardio in order to maximize your gains. So, as I was saying, I finished my bulking phase, and had not done any running, biking, skating, etc for a couple of months. I was going on a hike with some of my friends (who I also train as athletes) and was commenting on how they were in much better shape than I was and they will beat me on the hike. They actually argued with me (I am known for being in great shape physically and going at a very brisk pace on hikes), stating that I was in shape, just look at me! Here is where they made the mistake: when it comes to the fitness and athletic world, looks can be very deceiving.

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Skipping the Gym is NOT the Answer!

`           As a young athlete, you always want to perform your best and give your best effort. You listen to your coaches, study game film, work hard in practice, go to the gym, and show up come game time on the weekend. As you go through your weekly routine, you start to realize that school is getting busy, practices are getting harder, and your girlfriend/boyfriend is demanding more time from you. Soon you have less time than you need (welcome to real-life) and you need to start cutting certain things out of your weekly routine. School is mandatory, so you cant skip that. Your girlfriend/boyfriend is the love of your life and spending any less time with them will cause them to question your commitment levels, so that has to stay. Youre not going to skip practice of course or you wont play, and playing games is the whole reason for your existence. So… skipping the gym it is!

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