Summer / Off Season Training (April-August)

Offseason training is for athletes looking to take the next step in the summer. Look no further than our complete offseason training memberships.

- 2 or 3 days a week coaching -

- 8 week blocks -

 - Groups of 4-8 (max) athletes -

- Performance Nutritional Coaching -


1 Month
(2 x week) = 8 training sessions
only $25 per session!
2 Months
(2 x week) = 16 training sessions
$320 ($160/month)
only $20 per session!
3 Months
(2 x week) = 12 training sessions
$430 ($144/month)
only $18 per session!

What do athletes need to do in order to be successful in sports?
Speed, acceleration, strength, power and stamina are all important factors, as well as physical dominance (size). 

Why strength training?

Athletic performance comes down to how much force you can put into the ground, relative to your bodyweight. By increasing your strength levels, and improving your body composition along the way, you will increase your relative strength (strength per pound of bodyweight). Strength training also aides in prevention of injuries, and allows for more dominance on the field/court/ice. It's always more fun when you are one step ahead of your opponent instead of two steps behind!

We provide you with instruction on nutrition, recovery methods, and injury prevention.

Why Us?

We provide a positive atmosphere in our facility, with caring Coaches who are experts in their field. We cater to a team environment, with a focus on FUN, motivation and accoutability to the athletes. We are here to make athletes better, not tired. Join us today!

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There is no doubt that the key to reaching the next level is investing time in strength training. There is lots of great coaching out there with opportunities to compete but what is separating those players that playing at the top level is the strength training. When done correctly it is preventing injuries, allowing players to train more often and harder, and providing an edge with explosive movements. They are jumping higher, hitting harder and moving faster. Looking for and edge? There is no doubt that is the way to go.

Ryan Hofer